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Quality Maling is a synonymus for quality. We are not building for today or tomorrow, but for the future.

Tradition The company was founded in 1990, on the fundations of many years of successful family roofing crafting.

About us

MALING d.o.o. is a construction company from Labin, with more than 100 employees. Started as a family roofing craft back in 1973, in over 49 years of experience and growth we have become one of the largest companies in Istria region in the construction sector. We offer a complete range of construction works, reasonable and competitive prices. We guarantee the quality and are proving it with our numerous references of more than 50 successful projects per year.


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The diversity of our services and the building quality can be witnessed through numerous examples of successful projects


Review some of the recent projects that the MALING company worked on in different locations in Istria